Children of the Universe
I want to warn you right away: I do not impose anything on anyone, and I do not try to mislead anyone. But I only try to help those who are at a higher spiritual and moral level than others.

This means being able to understand what the morally corrupt majority is unable to understand. And this is now the overwhelming majority of the Earth's human population.

After all, it is because of the total swinishness of people who have forgotten what it is to be human that a terrible disease of Retribution mercilessly appeared before the VIOLATORS of the Laws of Life – the coronavirus.

That is why it is vital not just to understand the Rules of real survival in new conditions, but also to ACCEPT them.

That is, in order for this very special virus not to kill you, you must urgently rebuild yourself for a NEW life, in accordance with the Time of Reckoning.

To do this, you are given the Rules of survival. But they are only for those who are able to understand WHAT is actually happening all over the Earth.

Therefore, the sooner You understand that our current (thoroughly rotten and crazy) world is rapidly going nowhere, and a completely different one is being formed instead, the sooner you will be able to adapt yourself to the new conditions.

By doing so, you will have time to protect yourself from a virus that will kill, now or later, BILLIONS of people.

And if they don't talk about it now, it's only because very few people believe it TODAY. Or they hesitate to say something that is forbidden by the authorities…

But if you don't raise this vital matter today, tomorrow will be too late! Because after this first wave of a deadly virus, another, more terrible, wave will come.

And no medicine or vaccine will help! Because all viruses, including the coronavirus, live directly in people – in each of one of us – for the time being in a dormant state. And they wake up en masse only when humanity morally degrades and presents a danger to Nature.

As in our time!

Because humanity has become a deadly enemy for the Earth.

This is why nature's self-preservation mechanism was activated. And it will only grow stronger under the influence of new cosmic energies, with all its terrible consequences for people.

It is vital to realize that the Earth has entered a completely new Cosmic Age. And you can no longer go back to the old ways. Otherwise, continuing to lead the same mad way of life, humanity will destroy itself and its Planet.

And so only those who believe in REALITY, who understand the LAST Warning to humanity and have time to prepare for the next cosmic wave, will be SAVED.

All the others – non-believers or those who oppose the terrible Warning from Above – will go to hell. Together with their relatives whom they left defenseless, not believing, and not accepting the Help offered for ALL. Only because they didn't believe the TRUTH…

That is why I offer the only true Rules of Salvation to all those who are able to understand and overcome the "opinions of others."

Because fighting just the CONSEQUENCES of the appearance of a merciless disease will not save you! Only when people (and governments!) will finally understand that we need to urgently start fighting the CAUSES of this virus – only then will the situation begin to change for the better.

But by that time the Earth may be empty…

After all, until now(!) NO ONE – not scientists, not politicians, nor journalists – understands the REASON for the appearance of the "novel" coronavirus! And no one even thinks of looking for the cause of this pandemic in the SPIRITUAL and MORAL DEGRADATION OF PEOPLE - in the fall of all mankind!

And NO one is even saying that this virus is a punishment from Above. For all the sins of people, for all the evil against each other and Nature.

Because NO ONE understands or wants to understand it. And everyone still considers themselves and all people to be "nice" and "good"…

That's why this virus will be followed by another – an even more TERRIBLE one! And then it will bring to reason all the "incomprehensible" people.

After all, despite the fact that all of humanity has rotted and the Earth is on the verge of death because of this, everyone is discussing the fight only with the coronavirus. And the coronavirus is just a consequence of the SPIRITUAL illness of people.

They do this instead of paying attention to the true cause directing all efforts to the MAIN ISSUE – the moral improvement of mankind, to save everyone and the Planet.

And until the governments of countries, the UN, and all the people of the Earth understand this, the terrible waves of pandemics will come one after another. Until there are only a handful of people left who live by the Laws of Life.

That's why it is VITAL now to understand that people have deviated from the true Path of humanity Commanded from Above so much, that only with the help of the coronavirus can they be returned to INTELLIGENT life.

Otherwise, humanity will destroy itself and the Earth without a nuclear war, but with its diabolical "economy," its vile politicians, and a satanic way of life.

People are already so stupid and rotten that they no longer understand the obvious – that they have become the worst enemies of Nature. And she doesn't forgive that!

That's why we waited for the Sword of Retribution, in the form of a coronavirus.

And it will definitely mow down all those who do not have time to change themselves to become a person of light and reason. Nature will not allow just any two-legged bastard into the New Future! It will allow only morally pure people.

Let everyone who wants to live understand and remember this!

That's why these Rules of a New Life are simply saving for You.

Because the question of LIFE AND DEATH is already here. Because it is NO LONGER POSSIBLE to live as people have lived. And this terrible virus is the LAST Warning to humanity from Above.

And these rules of survival are the LAST real Chance for You and all who are not idiots to survive.

Because the Time for Payback has come for all the evil that people have done on Earth. And therefore, all those who do not want to change themselves for the better and live according to the Laws of Life and in harmony with Nature, are waiting for only one thing – self-destruction and hell.

This is the reality of our Time.

The choice is Yours!
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