Children of the Universe

The appointed hour has arrived! Everyone, who can respond, even to some extent, will find themselves within the influence of My Rays. Only the acceptance of the Rays will provide attraction to the One Focus of Light. Those remaining deaf will respond to the attraction of the forces of darkness, and will be drawn to the realm of darkness.

Over the entire planet the dazzling light of the Dividing Sword will be seen, as it separates those of Light from those of darkness. This is the great time of Judgement, when everyone, as their own judge, carries out the last and final judgement.

And no one will help, and will not be in a position to help to those separated by the Sword into the shadowy realm of darkness. The lightning of the Spirit will flash as if in a thunderstorm, leaving people transformed. The aura of the planet will be transformed, a there will be no place for darkness. Then darkness will lose its power to influence the majority. Defeated by the Light, it will leave the planet and with it all those who remained faithful to it, all the offshoots of darkness, all those who did not accept the Light. There are no words to convey the greatness of the moment of the cosmic celebration of the victory on the planet of Light over darkness.

Thus I speak, the Master of Shambhala, at the threshhold of the Hour of Judgement.

One must accept and believe the idea of the New World now. Later, it may be too late because the fire will bum those who are not in tune with the new energies.

Watching the madness of those who are against the New World, one can already see the influence of the spatial fiery waves on those organisms, which are not able to assimilate them. The reaction of these organisms is in opposition to the Light.

A Judgement is already taking place on the planet, but it is not yet understood. But it will have to be understood, because the influence of the waves will increase, lifting the consciousness of those people, who can accomodate the new waves and elevate them to a new life. Or the influence will destroy those, who will take the consequences of their own madness, Terrible is the Last Judgement.

Nobody can avoid the Judgement of himself. The inevitability of judgement rests on the selfjudgement or self-justification of those who have accepted or rejected the Light, the evolutionary energies. How can one avoid the judgement, if he breathes the air, which is nourished with fire? And the fire, after entering the organism, becomes either creative or destructive, burning everything which does not accord with it.

There are many signs of the new epoch, but people do not want to see them. But they will have to see them and accept them, because one can reject reality only to a certain extent. Even the blind feel the sun. The sun of Life is rising over the world. Nobody can deny the Sun of Life. But one may not accept and may reject it. The Sun will shine over the planet, but there will be no place for those, who have rejected it.

We are at present awakening people to an understanding of the Common Good. Those who have accepted it will live. Those who have rejected it will exclude themselves from the Great Plan. Opposition to the Great Plan can take place up to a certain limit, and this is near. Unprecedented is the time. The great and the small, the Light and the dark, the Hight and the low are competing for victory in this last struggle.

But it is the Light that will be victorious. To all who are with me, I give a guarantee. To all who are against me, I predict — defeat. To be with me means to be with the New World as against the old one, it means to be on the side of Evolution.

Agni Yoga Facets, VI
I want to warn you right away: I do not impose anything on anyone, and I do not try to mislead anyone. But I only try to help those who are at a higher spiritual and moral level than others.

This means being able to understand what the morally corrupt majority is unable to understand. And this is now the overwhelming majority of the Earth's human population.

After all, it is because of the total swinishness of people who have forgotten what it is to be human that a terrible disease of Retribution mercilessly appeared before the VIOLATORS of the Laws of Life – the coronavirus.

That is why it is vital not just to understand the Rules of real survival in new conditions, but also to ACCEPT them.

That is, in order for this very special virus not to kill you, you must urgently rebuild yourself for a NEW life, in accordance with the Time of Reckoning.

To do this, you are given the Rules of survival. But they are only for those who are able to understand WHAT is actually happening all over the Earth.

Therefore, the sooner You understand that our current (thoroughly rotten and crazy) world is rapidly going nowhere, and a completely different one is being formed instead, the sooner you will be able to adapt yourself to the new conditions.

By doing so, you will have time to protect yourself from a virus that will kill, now or later, BILLIONS of people.

And if they don't talk about it now, it's only because very few people believe it TODAY. Or they hesitate to say something that is forbidden by the authorities…

But if you don't raise this vital matter today, tomorrow will be too late! Because after this first wave of a deadly virus, another, more terrible, wave will come.

And no medicine or vaccine will help! Because all viruses, including the coronavirus, live directly in people – in each of one of us – for the time being in a dormant state. And they wake up en masse only when humanity morally degrades and presents a danger to Nature.

As in our time!

Because humanity has become a deadly enemy for the Earth.

This is why nature's self-preservation mechanism was activated. And it will only grow stronger under the influence of new cosmic energies, with all its terrible consequences for people.

It is vital to realize that the Earth has entered a completely new Cosmic Age. And you can no longer go back to the old ways. Otherwise, continuing to lead the same mad way of life, humanity will destroy itself and its Planet.

And so only those who believe in REALITY, who understand the LAST Warning to humanity and have time to prepare for the next cosmic wave, will be SAVED.

All the others – non-believers or those who oppose the terrible Warning from Above – will go to hell. Together with their relatives whom they left defenseless, not believing, and not accepting the Help offered for ALL. Only because they didn't believe the TRUTH…

That is why I offer the only true Rules of Salvation to all those who are able to understand and overcome the "opinions of others."

Because fighting just the CONSEQUENCES of the appearance of a merciless disease will not save you! Only when people (and governments!) will finally understand that we need to urgently start fighting the CAUSES of this virus – only then will the situation begin to change for the better.

But by that time the Earth may be empty…

After all, until now(!) NO ONE – not scientists, not politicians, nor journalists – understands the REASON for the appearance of the "novel" coronavirus! And no one even thinks of looking for the cause of this pandemic in the SPIRITUAL and MORAL DEGRADATION OF PEOPLE - in the fall of all mankind!

And NO one is even saying that this virus is a punishment from Above. For all the sins of people, for all the evil against each other and Nature.

Because NO ONE understands or wants to understand it. And everyone still considers themselves and all people to be "nice" and "good"…

That's why this virus will be followed by another – an even more TERRIBLE one! And then it will bring to reason all the "incomprehensible" people.

After all, despite the fact that all of humanity has rotted and the Earth is on the verge of death because of this, everyone is discussing the fight only with the coronavirus. And the coronavirus is just a consequence of the SPIRITUAL illness of people.

They do this instead of paying attention to the true cause directing all efforts to the MAIN ISSUE – the moral improvement of mankind, to save everyone and the Planet.

And until the governments of countries, the UN, and all the people of the Earth understand this, the terrible waves of pandemics will come one after another. Until there are only a handful of people left who live by the Laws of Life.

That's why it is VITAL now to understand that people have deviated from the true Path of humanity Commanded from Above so much, that only with the help of the coronavirus can they be returned to INTELLIGENT life.

Otherwise, humanity will destroy itself and the Earth without a nuclear war, but with its diabolical "economy," its vile politicians, and a satanic way of life.

People are already so stupid and rotten that they no longer understand the obvious – that they have become the worst enemies of Nature. And she doesn't forgive that!

That's why we waited for the Sword of Retribution, in the form of a coronavirus.

And it will definitely mow down all those who do not have time to change themselves to become a person of light and reason. Nature will not allow just any two-legged bastard into the New Future! It will allow only morally pure people.

Let everyone who wants to live understand and remember this!

That's why these Rules of a New Life are simply saving for You.

Because the question of LIFE AND DEATH is already here. Because it is NO LONGER POSSIBLE to live as people have lived. And this terrible virus is the LAST Warning to humanity from Above.

And these rules of survival are the LAST real Chance for You and all who are not idiots to survive.

Because the Time for Payback has come for all the evil that people have done on Earth. And therefore, all those who do not want to change themselves for the better and live according to the Laws of Life and in harmony with Nature, are waiting for only one thing – self-destruction and hell.

This is the reality of our Time.

The choice is Yours!
So: The Rules of surviving the coronavirus.

Let's start with the simplest and most common, but very incomprehensible to people… Despite the fact that they are terribly ill, they constantly pay the price and die in millions.

What do people eat?


And they don't even think about what they are stuffing into themselves – instead of real and useful human food. After all, everyone eats what people are strictly FORBIDDEN FROM ABOVE to eat!

These are all "products" based on the KILLING of living creatures – animals and birds. Because by eating them, people become complicit in the murder and destruction of Nature.

And Nature is taking revenge for this!

Many dangerous and deadly diseases (cancer, etc.) come from this. By eating living creatures, a person sentences themself to self-destruction.

You must know that according to the Laws of Life, whoever kills and supports murderers will be KILLED HIMSELF. Therefore, all meat-eaters naturally fall into hell after death. This is as real as the New Age.

And now many millions of people will be transported to hell by the coronavirus. The sword of Nature will kill all who live at the expense of another's life.

Those who don't believe will personally be convinced by a terrible experience. But then it will be too late to believe.

So, try to understand this Warning from Above now.
Palm oil, which most products are literally packed with, is a very harmful poison that undermines people's health. It destroys a person (and especially a child's!) immune system, which is extremely important for the protection of the body.

And everyone is in serious danger from this! Because the use of such "products" during the most dangerous pandemic will only accelerate the extinction of people.

But WHO is to blame that people themselves allowed this to happen? After all, NO ONE is protesting against the destruction of people (including children!) by palm poison!

And it is necessary to know and consider a very important thing: our bodies are built and formed from what we eat. In other words, food is the building material that our bodies are made of.

And if they consist of material UNNATURAL to human nature – bloody (meat), poisonous and artificial "food – then the coronavirus will cough up all those who madly swallow it.

And until people come to their senses and start eating what the Creator Intended for them, they will die by the millions.


That is why now, in this SPECIAL Time, it is critical that people understand THE CAUSE of the virus and finally change their consciousness of savages and murderers of Nature by permanently switching to proper human food – VEGETARIAN food.

Otherwise, the coronavirus will explain everything to fans of bloody "food" – why you will have to pay with your own life for your addiction to devouring other lives!

Therefore, consider this: an urgent switch to vegetarian (including cereals, flours, and dairy) – REAL human food – will help you survive ANY pandemics.

Because people need to urgently build their bodies from natural materials! This is what we have been given the time to do.

Otherwise, the virus will destroy all those who live an unnatural life and threaten the Earth with death.

Understand that the time for persuasion and debate has PASSED. So now I'm just explaining to You how to save yourself from the Sword of Nature's Retribution.

Because the time to pay has come for all the IDIOTS who live by the death of animals and destroy the very Planet they live on.

Therefore, anyone who wants to live and enter the New Future must urgently become HUMANE again! Otherwise, you will have to deal with deadly viruses.
This is why it is so important for YOU to choose the human way of life. And only eat food that is natural to humans.

Because otherwise it is too late: the planet Earth has entered a completely NEW AGE! And only those who MANAGE to become a real Person will live in it.

Everyone else will be destroyed.

And today, at a crucial time for our Land, we will speak about this directly. To help everyone who wants to survive and enter the New Future. We won't pay any attention to the other SELF-DESTROYERS!

And we invite ALL those who have reason and desire to live to go further with us – along the Path of Salvation guiding humanity from Above!

Because NO ONE AND NOTHING will stop what the fallen, depraved humanity deserved.

All those who rejected and continue to reject a bright, moral life according to the Laws of Above will be swept away! As will those who contribute to the decomposition of people and the destruction of the Planet.

This is the Will of the Cosmos! And humanity has been repeatedly Warned about this Reckoning!

Therefore, be reasonable - do not pay attention to anyone, but only to what is coming to You now from Above!

The long-awaited and restorative cleansing of the World from everything that has led to our IMMINENT death has began. This should be understood by everyone!

Because it is NO LONGER possible to live as people have lived. Because the question of life and death of the Planet itself has already arisen.

And so, the cleansing of the darkness and all that is of the Devil will be completed! Only people who have changed themselves with remain on Earth.

But we must hurry.

This is why these Rules of salvation are given from ABOVE.
What do I have to get rid of?

Of course, you have to get rid of ALL the so-called harmful (but in fact, SUICIDAL) inhuman habits: the consumption of any alcohol, "energy" drinks, drugs, smoking, debauchery and corruption, dirty swearing, devilish tattoos on skins, lies, meanness, sycophancy, deception…

That is, FROM ALL that is low and unworthy of a Person! From all the DIRT that has stuck to ALL people. And from the worst habits that people have accepted to be part of their lives, their individual essence, and "second nature."

At the same time, without even thinking about who they turned into and WHO they began to imitate and serve.

Therefore, now, in the time of the real Last Judgment, we must understand that people everywhere, regardless of their religion, have begun to serve the DEVIL! The enemy of humanity and the Earth!

People never received anything from Above that would drawn them in like pigs to mud. This has always been the choice of people themselves – between a Bright, beautiful life from the Creator and a dirty one from Satan. And they chose the latter one – destructive not just for themselves, but the Planet too.

That's why the coronavirus is here to explain in an accessible way what REAL, BRIGHT HUMAN LIFE is: living in HARMONY WITH NATURE AND THE COSMOS!

Because almost EVERYTHING about that people live today leads them only to death.

And now the time has come for people to finally understand this! But with the help of a coronavirus. Because such "people" have nowhere else to go. Except maybe to hell.

That is why it is so important to realize this TRUTH as soon as possible!
And given that time does not wait, it is extremely important to pay attention to your thoughts.

Because thoughts are the BASIS of everything! What and how we think essentially leads to how things turn out for us. It is no accident that in ancient times they said, "THOUGHTS RULE THE WORLD!"

After all, thought is magnetic – it attracts to itself what a person thinks about. Therefore, anyone who thinks about the dark, the low, or about harm to others will fill themself with dark, destructive energy and attract diseases and misfortunes to themself.

And now, when a special Time has come, this can also attract DEATH.

That is why it is so important to clear yourself of all dark and dirty thoughts! And don't let them in again. Because now it is not just dangerous, but deadly.

But thoughts about the wellbeing of Nature and the Earth will bring people salvation.

Because, by thinking not about the personal and petty, a person is filled with a soaring and bright energy that will protects them even from the coronavirus.

This is how the moral and wise Laws of Life work! They protect those who live by the Rules of salvation and punish all those who violate them.

That's why the Rules of Salvation are so necessary right now – to help You and everyone else UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH and pass this terrible Time. To consciously enter a New Life on Earth as a NEW, TRUE Person!

There is no other way to save oneself.
A reasonable person should be pure not only in mind and soul, but also in body.

Now everyone is finally talking about the importance of washing hands... Although people have always been Commanded from Above to be clean in everything. But according to the devil's plan, the swinish way of life was more attractive to people…

That's how they got to where they were headed – imminent self-destruction. And at the very edge of the abyss, they finally began to learn to live as a human being – with the help of the Cosmic Sword, the coronavirus.

And many people are already paying with their lives for their lack of understanding.

Therefore, it is urgent to accustom yourself to constant and CONSCIOUS hygiene. And not just by the physical act of washing your hands…

From now on, you must wash them CONSCIOUSLY – thoroughly and with soap! And be SURE to do it EVERY TIME BEFORE EATING – without grabbing anything else but the food itself!

All swinish habits – for example, eating and simultaneously staring at your infectious gadget – must be forgotten completely!

And of course, your hands should always be clean: when you sleep, touch yourself, on the toilet, etc. – so as not to spread the infection around the house and yourself. And at home, too, EVERYTHING should ALWAYS be perfectly clean.

And never hold your face and hair with infected hands! Leave this dangerous habit in the past.

Because this is how a real person should live. Especially in the new Age – which HAS already begun.

The past is irrevocably gone. And ALL those who will not accept the NEW Life will leave it for good.

Therefore, the question of whether to continue to live like a pig or to raise yourself to the level of human life is already a question of YOUR life and death. It's up to YOU to decide how to live your life.

I'm just offering You something that will really and truly help you survive and live on without fear of any viruses.

The main point is to finally and quickly understand WHAT is happening and WHY. And how to manage to rebuild yourself for a new, safe life.

This is in Your best interests!
So today we are talking about what will actually help you survive.

When you come home, you need to take off your street clothes and change into your home clothes. And it's best to disinfect your street clothing with antiseptics. Do not spare money on protecting yourself and your home!

It's also necessary to leave another very dangerous habit in the past – when coming home from the street, sitting down with a DIRTY and INFECTIOUS bottom on the bed!

You have to clean yourself EVERY DAY! Including your hair! To wash off all the dirt and infection collected throughout the day.

And even if You stay at home – still wash! Because the human body (unlike a pig) must ALWAYS be clean.

After all, in any case, various secretions remain on our skin, which the body gets rid of. Therefore, it is important to wash off everything that prevents the skin from breathing and functioning normally.

And outside the house, when it is not possible to wash your hands with soap, wipe your hands with antiseptics, which should ALWAYS be with You. Wipe them as often as possible – after all, there is a strong infection going around! All "thanks" to the MAIN INFECTION – people.

Therefore, you will be completely safe only when you start to observe CONSCIOUS hygiene measures, along with all the life-saving Guidance from Above.

Take the example of clean birds and animals – especially wild ones! They follow all the rules of hygiene. It is the dirty and contagious human who infects them, not the other way around as "scientists" claim!

Therefore, all birds and animals, except for predatory ones, will enter into the New World, unlike many people.

Remember: coronavirus will not touch those with a clean body, mind, and soul.

Therefore, only clean and bright people will enter the New World!
If You are an "ordinary person" and have never believed in "mysticism," then now, when a New Time has come to Earth, you will have to believe in what you previously considered to be fantasy.

Know this: the coronavirus is not just a pandemic virus, but a necessary cleansing of human life from the darkness and from all the dark things that led people into a dead end and threatens them and the Earth with peril.

So, try to elevate your consciousness to the understanding of the Truth: the coronavirus is the cosmic Healer of a maddened humanity and the Saviour of our Earth.

If it hadn't come, people would have killed Nature and themselves. Because the cultural and moral level of humanity is not compatible with the preservation of life on the Planet.

And unreal for life in the New Space Age. Therefore, only those who completely change themselves will survive.

That is why it's so important to pay attention to EVERYTHING that destroys us.

NOTHING is too small and there is no time to lose! It is necessary to adapt your mind and your life to the requirements of the NEW ERA.

All smokers must urgently realize the deadly danger to themselves! Those who will not abandon their insidious, DIABOLICAL habit of poisoning themselves and others will be aided by the coronavirus.

But then it will be too late to regret your stupidity. Not a single tobacco addict will soon be left on Earth!
Don't forget that tobacco poison literally kills non-smokers, especially children! And now, during the pandemic of a terrible virus, it is especially dangerous.

After all, tobacco poison penetrates the lungs, creating the most favorable environment for the coronavirus! This is why not only smokers, but also those people who were forced to breathe tobacco smoke are dying in large numbers.

So, let's fight back against all the tobacco-using killers! Do not pass by where you see not just stinking pigs, but precisely the KILLERS OF LIFE.

The coronavirus will destroy them all, along with the producers of death, the sellers of poison, and governments who protect these industries. But so that it does not destroy You, as an accomplice of murderers and a failed creation of Nature, behave as a real Person should behave.

Only then will You be safe.

Remember: from now on, the coronavirus will personally monitor the proper upbringing of humanity!
All fruits, vegetables and much more brought from the store must be washed with soap and thoroughly! We must forget the way of life of pigs – when people eat dirty and infectious food without washing it.

Know and do not forget this: everything you buy is always dirty! And that's why you should even wipe bread with an alcohol wipe... If You don't want to get infected and die.
Never use a microwave! And don't let anyone heat Your food in it. This type of oven is a real killer!

The properties of the food heated in it change so much that it becomes dangerous to your health and life. And it impacts something very important – the human immune system!

The microwave oven is especially dangerous for children and people with weakened health.

Never use this deadly oven, specially designed for the destruction of humanity!
Eliminate all spices from your diet! They ARE all very harmful to health and life. Red pepper is especially dangerous and perilous for people.

This pepper is specially invented by the Devil to destroy all the best qualities in a person, including everything that makes a person perceptive to what is good and evil, and what helps them save themselves from many troubles, including diseases.

Therefore, it's no accident that red pepper is added almost everywhere – to turn people into stupid and immoral freaks and to use them to destroy the Earth faster.

Therefore, the coronavirus will destroy EVERYONE who lives on an inhumane level and is dangerous for the Planet.
It is better to add radish and celery to your regular diet of healthy food! Radish is the best purifier of the body from cancer cells, and celery gives a rush of vital energy. This is necessary more than anything to strengthen the immune system and protect against many diseases.

And all other vegetables, as well as fruits, will greatly contribute to Your health!
Make it a rule to consume BAKING SODA daily! Take a third of a teaspoon in the morning and evening, about half an hour before meals. Wash it down with hot milk. But, as a last resort, you can also use mineral water.

It's necessary to take soda every day, without breaks. This way You will greatly strengthen your health and your entire body. And, in combination with vegetarianism, your life span will also increase very significantly.

After all, soda is a real panacea for many diseases! Since ancient times, it was called the divine dew, and all the wise people of the Earth have used it for thousands of years. Therefore, it is necessary to use soda consciously and with an understanding of its special energy qualities – so its healing effect will be much more powerful, which is very important for strengthening your organism.

It is also very important to take 2-3 tablets of Valerian extract daily to strengthen the heart and overall health. Preferably at night, before going to bed.

And one more essential tip for our terrible Time. DON'T BE AFRAID. Fear has a destructive effect on the psyche and attracts to itself what You are afraid of.

So, DON'T think about what "might happen" … But it is better to think about how to quickly get rid of all the low and stupid things that will prevent You from entering the New World of Light and Truth.

It is especially important to drive away dark thoughts and think about the light and sublime BEFORE GOING TO SLEEP. This will prevent you from descending into the lower layers of the dream world and exposing yourself to mortal danger.

After all, you can get sick with coronavirus in your sleep – if your thoughts were dark or dirty before falling asleep. Because it is in people with such thoughts that the virus most often awakens.

It is no accident that many diseases with this virus occur during sleep. And when people wake up in the middle of the night, they feel that something terrible is happening to them.

This is how people destroy themselves with their depressed thoughts.
This is just a small part of what you need to know and do first, to get started. People are TOO detached from human life and have ceased to understand it. So now we have to make up for everything.


Because this wave of coronavirus is bound to be followed by another, even more terrifying one.

And pandemics of increasingly dangerous diseases that CANNOT BE TREATED will literally mow down EVERYONE who lives a criminal and vile life.

They will be destroyed: ALL criminals – of all stripes, levels and profiles, ALL turnskins – in their uniforms, gowns and offices, and all prostitutes – ordinary, political and serving the authorities.

And all the hunter-killers will finally be destroyed! Because the Earth no longer has the strength to tolerate all this scum that destroys all life.

All pickers and sellers of wild plants will also be killed by the deadly virus. Because all wildflowers are LIFE-GIVERS – they fill the Earth with the energy of life. And if they are destroyed, humanity will immediately perish.

And isn't it because people are completely mad and in their madness destroy everything around them, that the coronavirus is here???

Therefore, even buying wildflowers is deadly! After all, in this case, You will be complicit in the destruction of the Planet.
Literally EVERYONE who lives a dark life and violates the Laws of Life will soon go to hell!

The coronavirus will not affect only those who live a clean and bright life according to the highly moral Laws of the Creator.

A deadly and incurable disease naturally mows down and fans of SATANISM: rock "music", rap and Mat. And all fans of satanic gatherings: discos, Nightclubs, rock and obscene "concerts", dirty shows and sports games.

The fans of football – a mad game invented for idiots by the Devil-will also be destroyed.

Because they are all servants of evil and enemies of the bright Life on Earth. And unnatural and dangerous to Nature creatures that radiate-satanic "music" or their hellish screams-dark, DESTRUCTIVE energy for the Earth.

And because their non-human way of life has NOTHING to do with the real human, Commanded people from Above.

EVERYTHING that threatens to destroy Nature, the Earth and humanity will be destroyed. So it will be!
And if You even today, when the entire planet is gripped by a terrible pandemic, it will seem like a "fairy tale", it is only because You, like most people, do not know the REAL history of the Earth.

But you can find it out - on our special and unusual sites. And it will be very useful, instructive and vital for You. As well as for everyone who wants to understand what is happening now and how to survive.

Because more than once terrible space disasters swept away entire continents and destroyed humanity. From which only a small part of the morally healthy people always remained.

And the reason for the terrible trouble has always been THE same-the complete decomposition and degradation of humanity. And its suicidal departure from the evolutionary Path of development Indicated to people by the Creator.

Then, as now, people also did not believe what they were Warned about from Above. And they paid with their lives.

So hurry up to help yourself and your loved ones before it's too late.

Do not miss the last Chance to stay alive and continue your life in a New Era-on a land cleansed of all dark things!

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